5 Types of Influencers You Need On Your Side In 2020

The influencer marketing industry has made huge strides in recent years, and now it seems to be a staple of the digital marketing mix, right up there with SEO and user experience. With an incredible annual growth rate, the influencer marketing sector has grown from $2 billion to over $10 billion in just a few […]

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5 Search Engine Success Factors You Might Have Missed

SEO campaigns are made up of many moving parts, and as marketers, we are constantly revising and reconfiguring our strategies in search of success. But how exactly are we supposed to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns in an age when so many variables are at play? Aside from conversion rates and click-throughs, we need […]

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Mobile Search vs. Voice Search: Why You Should Plan for Both

More people have access to search engine technology than at any point in history. Not only are more folks searching, but they’re using diverse methods and devices to do so. Desktop search volume has officially been outpaced by mobile, and voice search is not far behind. That’s why marketers need to take all search techniques […]

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